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130 West Road, Mnandi, Centurion


Frequently Asked

Do you have an alternative to website purchases?

Yes, we have a walk-in store at Mnandi Deli-Café. Please join us for a hearty breakfast or meal after making your low-carb purchases. Alternatively  you can buy items at our stall at the Banting Market in Brooklyn.

Where do you source your products from?

Low Carb Haven has access to a selection of supplier base that provides high-quality products. We list the products so that you can have a single source for all your products.

How do I know my payment info is safe?

We use YOCO, a well known and highly regarded payment gateway. We don’t have access to your payment information.

How reliable is the delivery service?

We have contacted with a carefully selected courier Company who have proven themselves as trusted and safe to use.

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