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From August 2019 – February 2020 less 15kg



Low-Carb Haven started from one person getting a shock at 32 that her body is screaming for help. Being a mother of 2 I did not expect that at this age that my body will shut down. I was 25kg overweight and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not see myself as being obese. I weighed in at 86kg and I am only 1.58m. I get categorized under the midget size 🙂


I had to drastically do something!! I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance as well as Pre-Diabetic and felt that once you are diagnosed as a full blown Diabetic, then that becomes another ball game.


My path with the doctors started and I was introduced to the Low-Carb way of eating. I lost about 5kg within the first month and 15 kg overall in 8 months by incorporating 20min of exercise 2-3 times a week and cutting out bread,pasta,rice,potato and the all time bad guy, but oooo so sweet, SUGAR!!!!!


Then a new challenge came up – To find replacements for the carbs that I so loved over the years. I did my monthly shopping between 4 and 5 shops. It created so much frustration to have to go to all these shops. The price that you had to pay to eat and become healthy was ridiculous. So, this is how Low-Carb Haven was born.



Our Mission Statement at Low-Carb Haven is to be able to supply the best service and products to our clients. We try our best to source the best priced items for all South African households.

We source our products from South African markets and support our local community. We aim to make South Africa healthier and happier!!!
Health is important to us!




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