GO-LO Bread x8 slices 160g


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Sliced Bread with no added sugar, no refined carbs, egg free, dairy free, ready-made, omega fatty acids, high in protein – ideal for vegans and anyone looking to improve their diet.

8 Slices at 160g


(Vital Gluten, Oats,Linseed/Flaxseed,Sunflower seed, Almonds) Water, Yeast,Salt,Calcium Propionate,Volumat, Sweetner (Erythritol,Stevia)

Delivery Notes: We do add ice packs to this item and try to pack it as gentle as possible. We do send it to all provinces but we are not able to take responsibility for the courier’s actions. We do ask customers outside of Gauteng to take note of the risks.


#Low Carb High Fat


# Vegan

# Dairy Free

# Egg Free

#No Added Sugar

# High in Protein

# Ready Made

# Omega Fatty Acids

# No Refined Carbs
# Wheat Free

Nutritional value per 20g serving

Carbs – 2.06g

Fat – 2.18g

Energy – 231.26kj

Protein – 5.99g

Fibre – 1.72g

Sodium – 1.49g

Allergens: Nuts,Gluten,Oats,Soya


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