GO-LO Muesli 240g – 8 Servings


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Muesli with no added sugar, no refined carbs, egg free, dairy free, omega fatty acids, high in protein – ideal for vegans and anyone looking to improve their diet.


(Vital Gluten, Oats,Linseed/Flaxseed,Sunflower seed, Almonds) Water,Rolled Oats,Dried Fruit (Peach,Apricot,Apple,Dates) Almond Flakes, Sweetner (Erythritol,Stevia)


#Low Carb High Fat


# Vegan

# Dairy Free

# Egg Free

#No Added Sugar

# High in Protein

# Ready Made

# Omega Fatty Acids

# No Refined Carbs
# Wheat Free

Nutritional value per 30g serving:

Carbs – 5.16g

Fat – 12g

Energy –  716kj

Protein – 10g

Fibre – 1.55g

Sodium – 0.07g

Allergens: Nuts,Gluten,Oats,Soya


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