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Stefan the Strawberry

Stefan is a big strong guy and is full of attitude. He is very focused on his appearance, especially when it comes to being healthy and fit.

He’s very brave, almost like a knight in shining armour, always willing to help those in need. You can spot him a mile away, with his trendy sneakers, spiky hair and funky shades.

Footy’s products are suitable for all ages, are Sugar-Free, High in Vitamin C, Banting Friendly and contains Erythritol which is tooth friendly.

The Erythritol used in our Footy’s Powder is NON-GMO, it also has less of a laxative effect when compared to other sugar alcohols. More than 80 grams of Erythritol needs to be consumed per day to actually cause bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and digestive upset. One standard serving [350-450ml] of Footy’s cool drink contains approximately 12 grams of Erythritol, which means that you can enjoy 5-6 servings per day to reach the threshold of 80 grams of Erythritol intake per day.

Ingredients : Erythritol, Acidifiers, Fiber, Flavouring, Colourant, Stevia Extract & Salt. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect

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