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We have changed our formulation slightly so that our electrolytes are now:

Naturally sweetened
Contains Coconut Water extract
Colourant Free
Lower in Calories (Now Only 0.6 Calories Per Serving)
60 servings for people that prefer a lower sodium intake.
Our electrolyte blend is Sugar Free and packed with all essential minerals to ensure you replenish vital minerals.

Electrolytes are essential for numerous functions in the body, and even more so during workouts. We added a complete profile of electrolytes to ensure that appropriate hydration levels are maintained to fight dehydration, optimise performance and improve daily health goals.

Each bottle contains 60 servings.

Why electrolytes are important?
Enhances performance
Reduces fatigue
Avoids dehydration symptoms
Helps Recovery
Replenishes the electrolytes imbalance caused after training
A lot of people are dehydrated without even knowing it! Dehydration symptoms mostly includes headaches, fatigue, reduced mental clarity, cramping, and decreased athletic performance. These symptoms can be avoided by drinking more water with added electrolytes.

Take one serving of our Electrolyte blend daily or before, during or after your exercise!

Each bottle contains 60 servings.


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